Menopause Management in Rock Hill

Menopause marks a time of transition in a woman’s life when she no longer has her period and can no longer become pregnant. It is normal to experience discomfort as this change occurs which is why Rock Hill GYN & OB offers menopause management in Rock Hill.

The first signs of menopause may begin years before you experience your final period. Menopause symptoms vary from person to person but typically include hot flashes, decreased energy, and mood swings. Even if you are using birth control such as the pill or an IUD that prevents you from having your period, you will still go through menopause and experience the other symptoms. Every woman is different and for some the symptoms of menopause are debilitating and have a negative impact on daily life. Treatments are available to help mitigate this experience and allow you to live a more comfortable and vibrant life. Your dedicated medical team is committed to helping you manage your menopause with grace. Contact us to schedule an appointment.