Patient Reviews

Dr. Robinson.

I have been a patient with this office since November, 2000. I can remember because my husband and I just transferred from FL and I was having serious problems and ended up at Piedmont Medical center and Dr Miller was my Doctor and to me he was the best so when I called the office a couple of weeks ago to make an appointment and found out he had transferred to Beaufort SC to practice I made an appointment with Dr. Robinson and was so nervous but he treated me with compassion and respect he made me feel comfortable.

WOW!! SILS is the ONLY way to go.

I had a SILS hysterectomy on 11-5-15 @ Piedmont Women’s Center by Dr. McClelland. First and foremost, Thank Goodness I chose RH OBGYN! What a fantastic group. I started my journey with Sandra for my yearly exams and then moved on to Dr. McClelland after my breast surgery for an intraductal papilloma.Dr. McClelland’s SILS technique for my hysterectomy was phenomenal. I put off this surgery for 2 years knowing that the recovery was going to put me out of commission for weeks possibly a month. Dr. McClelland tried to assure me that was not the case with his SILS technique. My family convinced me it had to be done to relieve all my terrible symptoms.I am 1 week post op today! I am sitting at my home desk working as though nothing has happened. My abdomen feels fantastic. There was very little swelling and all my uncomfortable aches were handled by ibuprofen. I took 1 pain pill while in the hospital overnight that is it! I am the newest poster child for the SILS technique. I have posted on my Facebook page with the link to Dr. McClelland’s SILS page and have talked about it almost non-stop since my surgery last week. Do not let your friends go through a multi incision hysterectomy! SILS and RH OBGYN is the only way to have a hysterctomy. Thank You All!

Great Experience.

I had a hysterectomy 1 1/2 weeks ago. I was shocked at how good I felt so quickly! The second day I was home, I no longer needed any pain medication including ibuprofen. Dr. McCelland handled the entire process professionally and confidently. I felt like I was in very good hands!

Love this place.

I am a sufferer of PCOS and I was making appointments every month at one point. Every doctor in both offices were so helpful and understanding. I was even able to conceive my first child and the experience was priceless because of the doctors in this practice. I recommend you all to everyone I meet. Wouldn’t trade you for the world!!!!! Love you guys best obgyn clinic in town

Best OBGYN clinic in town.

I love all the doctors here, Dr. Hilton is my favorite OB; she’s fun energetic full of knowledge; down right down to earth, also I love how she calls for Caroleena her nurse LOL, thanks so much RH OBGYN for a great experience throughout my pregnancy! you rock!

Felt right at Home. Dr. Robinson and Dr. McClelland.

I moved from Germany to Fort Mill and whilst living in Fort Mill, I conceived a baby. So, I checked online and went to the clinic in Fort Mill. Right from the Reception to the Nurses and the Doctors who examined me on different appointments I felt right at home. All questions were answered and I felt that my needs and that of my Baby were taken care of. Thank you the staff at Fort Mill, Dr. Robinson and Dr. McCelland.

Dr. McCelland

Dr. McClelland is the only doctor I will ever see for anything. He’s done a few surgeries for me and is the best in my opinion of any doctor around. I’ve been his patient for years and I have my daughter going to him now as well. Only the best for her!

Dr. McClelland saved my life!!!!

I suffered in pain for many years so I did a bunch of research on hysterectomies. I read his reviews I was a little skeptical at first bc he seemed too good to be true. He was all those things and then some. He talked to me not at me. He made me comfortable and he genuinely cared which made this so much easier. Painless, no scar!!! If I had to travel across the world to have him perform my hysterectomy I’d still do it. He’s worth it and so am I.

Dr. Rowland

After a traumatic experience with a male doctor doing a post-menopausal cervical biopsy, I saw NO doctor for 2 years. Thanks to this website, when I saw her warm brown eyes, I knew Dr. Rowland was the only one I might even consider allowing to do a much-needed PAP smear. She was willing to come in and meet me, and listened to my anxieties with compassion and understanding. Upon examination, she saw, immediately, that I had vaginal atrophy, which the male GP had not mentioned or even noted in my records. She was extremely cautious, compassionate, and gentle during my initial exam, and prescribed a vaginal hormone cream, as oral HRT was contra-indicated, as I am a heart by-pass survivor, as well. Then, last year (2013) I had VIN, which she excised with assurances that the pre-cancerous cells found in the lab were nothing to be concerned about. I deeply appreciate her “bedside manner” in discussing these very intimate, potentially embarrassing topics with me. She is the absolute best OB/GYN I have EVER seen, and I am 58 years old. I pray she never leaves my area.

Dr. Ansley Hilton

had my first visit with Dr. Hilton last week in Fort Mill, I absolutely love the staff of the Fort Mill office; so friendly, helpful and caring. Dr. Hilton herself was so eager to help and so patient in talking with both my husband and I and she was so personable and understanding. I salute you all! Regina Dobson

Very Pleased with All Physicians

I’m in my mid-30’s and have been a patient for about 20 years. Within the last three years, I’ve had two children. All of my care, both before children and during my pregnancy, has been exceptional! The doctors are personable and advise you well in addition to giving you outstanding care. I wouldn’t go anywhere else! When I moved to Waxhaw a few years ago, I would not change practices…it’s worth a 40-minute drive!

Dr. Taylor

Doctor Taylor stands out because of his compassion and empathy. When I brought my daughter to the practice for the first time she was determined to see a women, which she did. The next year, the NP was gone. I told her she will love Dr Taylor, and he will listen. She insisted she did not want to see a man. She was terrified. Well I convinced her to give Dr Taylor a try. When we came in for our appointments, I told Dr Taylor of her concern. He was very understanding, and said Ashlie give me a chance. If your not happy, next time you can see a female Doctor. Well when we made our appointment for this up coming March, I asked her what she wanted me to do, and she said make it with Dr Taylor. He goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable, and alleviate any concerns. He takes the time to answer your questions. He never makes you feel foolish. This is why we see Dr Taylor.

Dr. Robinson

I had seen Dr. Robinson a couple times for pre-natal visits during my pregnancy, but didn’t know him well. I had the unfortunate opportunity to need him when he was on call due to an emergency in my second trimester. He was amazing to me and my whole family. I would highly recommend him and this practice to anyone needing OBGYN care.

Middle-age is Not So Bad.

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Rowland for about 10 years. She and her colleagues have provided my healthcare in a comprehensive and caring manner all these years. In addition to my routine care, she willingly provided advice to me on handling my daughter’s entry into womanhood and now cares for my middle-aged concerns.
The staff and scheduling team at the office is wonderful. I could not ask for a more professional and helpful group of people!!!

Dr. McClelland

During my pregnancy, I never saw Dr. McClelland in the office and he happened to be the doctor on call when I delivered. He was the best. He made my first delivery experience really memorable.