Postpartum Care in Rock Hill

After you give birth, the only items you should be focused on are bonding with your baby and allowing your body to heal. At least the first six to eight weeks marks an integral time for physical and mental healing to take place. Rock Hill GYN & OB provides postpartum care in Rock Hill to help assess your health and ensure you are on the right track.

During your follow-up visit we will not only evaluate your physical health, but also ask you questions about how are adjusting to life with a new baby. Feel free to use this time to ask us any questions or to bring up any concerns you may have. As long as you are healing properly you will be cleared to return to being more active.

Postpartum Hemorrhage

While it is completely normal to experience vaginal bleeding after giving birth, there is a complication called postpartum hemorrhage that can occur within a few days up to 12 weeks after giving birth. This is characterized by persistent, uncontrolled vaginal bleeding. If you think you are experiencing postpartum hemorrhage, seek emergency medical care immediately.

Postpartum Depression

You experience the “baby blues” for a few days or a couple of weeks after you give birth. This is completely normal, but it is different than postpartum depression. Marked by an extended period of time with symptoms that include anxiety, crying spells, mood swings, sleep disorders, irritability, and difficulty bonding, postpartum is very real and can feel very scary. Know that it is not your fault and it can be treated. We can connect you to the help that you need to overcome postpartum depression