Obstetrics Services

The following healthcare services focus specifically on the care and treatment of women before and during their pregnancy, at childbirth and during the period of recuperation following childbirth. Our physicians provide top quality care to expecting mothers in and around Rock Hill, SC and Fort Mill, SC. Call one of our offices to schedule an appointment today!

  • Family planning and pre-pregnancy visits
  • Reproductive medicine
    • Preconception counseling
    • Birthing options
    • Prenatal care and testing
    • Perinatal care and support (for the period 3 months before pregnancy and up to one year after birth)
      • Fetal monitoring
      • Preterm birth
    • Obstetrical anesthesia
    • High Risk pregnancies including blood disorders, obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes
    • Labor and delivery care
    • Postpartum care
      • Postpartum depression
      • Postpartum hemorrhage